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Current Consumption of an Electric Motor from Calculation without Powering It
Can i know the no load current consumption of a motor without powering it?

Is there any calculation to know the no load power consumption of a motor without running it?

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No. It depends on too many variables in the motor design. You can ESTIMATE it at around 30% of FLA, but in reality that could be anywhere from 20-40% and in small motors, often 60%.

In my opinion the only value in knowing the no-load current is purely empirical, for monitoring it over time for changes in order to trend and predict problems, or to determine if a belt or shaft has broken. So install it. measure it immediately and record that value for future reference. Any other use is essentially pointless.

Hello HisExcellency,

Below are link for guidance to estimate no load current for motor :

hope this help

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