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P&ID and Description Function of a Production Line
P&ID and description function for PLC course.

I have PLC course in this term so I need P&ID and description function that both are related to one plant. I search in internet but I can't find them altogether. I want those diagrams for designing PLC from 0% to 100% as a project of my course. Can anyone help me?



You'll find that sort of detail is usually company proprietary, especially in manufacturing.

Hi Reza_Hdr
Can you please more details on your query, what type of plant or process you are working for?

Based from that information we can try to search basic P&ID and FDS or even develop our own P&ID and FDS.

Best regards

I can probably find something for you on GE gas turbine control systems. For example a Lube Oil system or a Fuel Gas system, would that do?

Hi glenmorangie,

It does not make any difference for me that the P&ID and description function are belongs to what kind of plant or production line. I just want them to start learning PLC on a real project.

I am very grateful if you can help. please give them to me as soon as possible. I look forward to you.

Thank you so much.

Can you give me an Email address?

Hello my friend,

Thank you for your quick reply. My email address is reza.heidari2060 [@] gmail [.] com

Dear Bob,

I'm waiting for your email.