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Diaphragm Seals for Vacuum Residue Services
Looking for a diaphragm seal transmitters for an application more than 400 deg C

Hi all,

Please suggest is it possible to have diaphragm seal transmitters for applications more than 400 deg C.

Diaphragm seal is required for the vacuum residue service which is very congealing service.

Please need it urgently

Emerson Rosemount makes a Thermal Range Expander with two (2) inline diaphragm seals. Using their UltraTherm 805 fill fluid they are rated to 410 deg C. They can be connected to transmitters and ERS (Electric Remote Seal) systems which eliminate the capillary tubes and connect with cables on differential level and flow measurements.

Can you not pipe it off the process a foot or two?
Being a Vacuum how much heat can it conduct?