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Cable Standard for DSU/CSU to DDS; RJ48S?
Cable Standard for DSU/CSU to DDS; RJ48S? Looking to ID cable type for this connection.

I had to relocate a router and replace the cable between the demarc and the router DSU/CSU Interface.

Existing Cable: TIA 568-A @~10' (Made by installer 10 years ago)
New Cable: TIA 568-B @~20' (Purchased patch cable)

2 wire CU from Telco-->DDS(Westell 28ma200K/ ADTRAN Total Reach DDS)-->8 wire patch cable to TIA 568-B standard--> Cisco 1800 Series ISR with a SIC-1DSU-56K4 card.

I know the standard on the cable I used is different. Since I purchased it, I could not change the standard. However for this connection 1,2 and 7,8 are the pins being used and this does not vary between the A and B standard. Cable tests ok. Loopback to the router interface is ok. Could not test the LB to the telco, but they can loop the demarc and the router, but can not transmit data. The RJ45 jacks on each interface are identified as RJ48S in the documents.

RJ-48S pin Signal
1 receive ring
2 receive tip
7 ring
8 tip

Westell Device DDS-NIU
RJ-48S pin Signal Circuit A T400 (Internal to ADTRAN)
1 DTR 49
2 DTT 55
7 DRT 5
8 DRR 15

Adtran Total Reach DDS
Pair Signal T400 Customer RJ-48
To Customer DRT, DRR 5,15 7,8
From Customer DTR, DTT 49,55 1,2

Looking to validate my cable selection and solicit any other useful information. Am I missing something?

The Dude