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Noise Frequency
Generator side acceleomter probe is generating and noise signal and giving frequent alarms.

We have a steam turbine power plant of 700 mw. At generator side acceleomter probe installed for measurement of stator cor and frame vibration. But it is generating and noise signal and giving frequent alarms. So i am interested to know the frequency of noise signal so we can bypass that noise signal through high and low pass filter.

Sensor signal has power supply of 5vdc, and measurement range is 0-1000nm. Generally signal is around 10-15nm in running condition.

Noise covers all frequencies your measurement system will be able to handle. Have there been attempts to reduce it by re-routing wiring or screening?

You need to ascertain what vibration frequencies are created at the generator and use a signal conditioner as a bypass filter.

you have answered you own question.

use a low pass filter or time averaging. you should already have an idea of the time variation that you normally see in the dominant port of the indication.

The alternative and more informative approach is to use statistical analysis software (power spectra analysis tools) to quantify what your machine is doing.