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GE Gas Turbine Fuel Conversion I&C
Need Informative help for Gas turbine Fuel COnversion

Hi Gentlemen have a nice day,

First of all i want to appreciate this very informative platform and i feel very happy to be part of this forum. I am an automation engineer but new to the Gas turbine field.

My query is related to fuel conversion in GE gas turbine. Right now we have GE Frame 07 MARKVI speedtronics turbine which is running on diesel oil since its commissioning, but GT have the ability to run on crude oil too. Now we have decided to use crude oil mode, and we want to keep diesel oil mode only for startup or emergency. Below are my queries for this subject.

1) If there anyone who can provide me the p&ID diagram for this conversion (only for fuel part diesel and crude).

2) What would be the control philosophy of the crude oil control. I know control philosophy of diesel oil. is it same for crude oil like SRV & FCV function etc??

3) What would be the major I&C components and their work from Crude oil Tank to Turbine fuel inlet Nozzles.

I would really appreciate the answer of above query.

Thanks and Kind regards

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I think you can see by the lack of response to this that you have asked a question that really can't be answered here. You really to get someone qualified to first look at your machine and figure out from there what needs to be done. It's a big job and needs a lot of local analysis and design to get it right. You cannot just take someone else's P&ID and take it from there.

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In general, using crude oil as a fuel in a gas turbine will require a fuel treatment system. What is included in the treatment system is specific to the actual crude oil being used. Most crude oils contain impurities that must be removed and/or chemically changed in order to maintain a reasonable service life for the hot gas path components. Gases must also be removed. The only way to find out what is needed is to provide a fuel analysis to the equipment supplied. There is no "one size fits all" answer to this.

The fuel treatment system is usually a stand alone system, completely separate from the gas turbine control. There are changes to the gas turbine control required, since startup and shutdown on distillate fuel will be required so that involves sequencing changes, and there will likely be fuel control changes. New fuel nozzles and piping will also be required.

I am not trying to discourage you from pursuing this, but you will need to talk to a provider that has done this type of conversion before, and you will need to provide specifications (chemical analysis) of the crude oil to whatever provider you talk to. Good luck!

Hi Ahmed,

I agree with the answers of: glenmorangie and otised.

I will try to help you, but you have to be patient because our plant is little bit far to my office and I have to do contact with my coworkers.

To best understand really what you want, we have to explain and ask you some questions.

Our plant is equipped with


To use crude oil fuel, there is a system treatment, after the crude oil is treated. it feeds the circuit fuel of the GT.

You write that:
Your GT GE frame 7 is equipped with Mark6, running with DIESEL oil fuel ONLY since commissioning. (Same our GT, We never used crude oil fuel)

You write that your GT have the ABILITY to run on crude oil too. Everybody know this, but tell me please if the system of treatment is installed or you will install it?

I see that you have decided to use use crude oil mode,
You want to keep diesel oil mode only for startup or emergency.


For your queries, I will try to contact coworkers if possible to provide me the PID, but it will be just as help for you as the GT are different.

hi Ahmed,

Need your email or phone for questions

or try to contact me to

Hi Gentlemen,

Thanks for your reply and valuable information.

I have study my turbine completely.The GE has provided all required logic in turbine control system (ToolboxST) only required some modification in screens and loop test. In Selection Skid all required instrument are present including additive skid. We need to install heating skid for crude so has to heat the crude oil at specific temperature before discharging to fuel selection skid .So my problem from treated oil tank up to fuel selection 3 way valve is solved. The only issue remaining is oil treatment; and if someone can help me.

Right now we have westfalia OSE80 Eagle separator for distillate oil purification. We have two oil treatment plant each having 5 westfalia seperator. Out of two plant, we will use one for crude oil purification. It's important that we are going to use Arabian light crude oil which is very light and good quality. So my concerns is:

1) I know that we need to heat up the oil before pushing it into separator. recommended temperature is around 55C min. Does i need any mechanical changing in transfer pump or separator itself?

2) Is there any need to change control logic in PLC or same logic will work for crude purification?

I would really appreciate the feedback from you people. I am available on whatsapp & IMO (00966545308338)