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TRICONEX 3806E AO Card Issues
TRICONEX AO CARD 3806E load fuse error

hi all,

Can any one suggest me on TRICONEX AO card issue.

We have TRIOCNEX 3806E model AO card and we are getting intermittent load fuse error. We are unable to troubleshoot as it is not lasting for long time and channel load fuse error is getting cleared automatically once loop becomes healthy.

Is there any tool or any suggestions to find which channel in AO card is giving load fuse error?

Triconex dignostic monitor is a tool that lets you gather diagnostic events from a system and save them as a diag file. You can email the file to Triconex, they will decode it and tell you what the errors are and the module/channel.

If you have the newer Enhanced Diagnostic Monitor it will download diag events in English and save them to file formats such as dbf that can be opened in a spreadsheet and easily read.

good luck