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Fuel Gas Volume Flow Compensation Formula
need to know the source of this equation: Fcomp = Funcomp X √((Pop/Pd)X (Td/Top)X (Gd/Gop)) for fuel gas flow reading at standard conditions?

As known , To convert from uncompensated volume gas flow to compensated volume gas flow through orifice. the used equation is:

Fcomp = Funcomp X √((Pop/Pd)X (Td/Top)X (Gd/Gop))

Where G is the density,
d: design (used in orifice sizing sheet),
Op.: operating

But sometimes it is mentioned in some text books with MW (Molecular weight)? Is it same? Can anyone please give me details how we got this equation as I found it in some text books reversed, i.e. (MWop/MWd). when I tried in this file:

not get same formula?