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Ex nAC Device in Enclosure Ex e
I want to use an Ex nAC device in Ex e enclosure.


Can I use an Ex nAC device in enclosure Ex e or this device must have an Ex de certificate?

By Mr Sweeney on 14 May, 2017 - 6:18 pm


>Can I use an Ex nAC device in enclosure Ex e or this device
>must have an Ex de certificate?

What are the details of the hazardous area the equipment is going >to be operating in?

What is the potentially explosive media? Gas? - What type of Gas?
Dust? - What type of dust?

What is the frequency of the presence of the potentially explosive media? is it there all the time, sometimes during operation, or infrequently?

If the potentially explosive media does occur - in what concentrations does it occur?

What potential heat sources are in the area?

Get a hazardous area evaluation by a CompEx trained engineer before moving forward.
If you do not do this then good luck to you - you'll need it.

Mr Sweeney.