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Measure Flow of Evaporator
How is evaporator water flow measured in boilers

My plant has Hp drum circuit that has three pipes downcomer and six pipes riser.

The sensor of flow is Dp transmitter is located at one of the downcomer pipes and the output the final reading although there are other two pipes with no sensors not in account.

I want to know the idea of measuring the flow of evaporator for system with more than one pipe downcomer.

still your question is not clear

1- what the flowing process water or steam
2- is the three pipes going to the same container

but as I understand (the flow reading of one downcomer pipe giving the flow reading of the total flow ..for 3 pipes)

for DP transmitter it will give only the flow going throw that pipe where the orifice is installed...only)

The flowing liquid is water down from drum at saturation temperature. There are three pipes down from the drum and go into one header or lower drum to feed evaporator pipes in boiler.

But the flow for evaporator liquid is all three together, the flow sensor connected across one of the three before connected together.
i wonder how this happens or any configuration for sensor or i/o card because nothing is in DCS logic.