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TRICONEX PLC Cabinet VS Rockwell/Allen-Bradley PLC Cabinet


I am new to the forum.

We have a quoted Rockwell/Allen-Bradley PLC cabinet for a oil and gas process skid (150K total hardware) but the client requested TRICONEX. Does any of you have a quick reference / past experience on the pricing point for TRICONEX vs Rockwell/Allen-Bradley Control Cabinet? We have to give the customer ball-park number ASAP and I don't have a clue if it will be 2X or ...

Thank you,

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I think that you will find that Rockwell ControlLogix, Triconex Trident (SIL3) or Tri-GP (SIL2) and Modicon PLC systems are very similarly priced theses days.

A quick call to the Triconex office nearest you with an I/O count will get you a quick budget price.

Rockwell with the purchase of ACS Triplex now has a very nice mid sized TMR safety system and a full sized TMR system comparable to the Triconex Tricon.

good luck

Thank you for your reply!