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GWR Echo Peak Is Below Zero Distance
GWR level echo lost and when checking the envelop curve. We found the level echo peak in a position above the top flange.

Dear esteemed experts,

We have FMP54 Levelflex E+H GWR (Guided wave Radar) Level transmitter that we install in an external chamber to replace a low low level switch. It is measuring the steam condensate level with GPC (gas phase compensation) probe. As it is in a place of a float low low level switch, the chamber is always flooded with condensate water so level is always more the the upper tapping and more than 100%. We have a problem of echo lost. And when checking the envelop curve, we found the level echo peak in a position above the top flange. i.e. it is below the zero distance of the envelop curve. This caused echo lost. How the echo can be on the negative side? How to solve this problem?

The envelop curve image at this link: