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Hydraulic Pressure Not Raise in Frame-Vi
Any body guide how to set hydraulic pressure in frame-Vi machine

We have GE make Frame-Vi 6541B single shaft Gas turbine. Now a day we face the problem that hydraulic pressure is not maintain the 75 to 80 bar in hydraulic Pump. Please guide that how to increase the Hydraulic pressure in gas turbine for operate the all hydraulic gcv/srv and iGV. ALSO send the procedure for the same

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When did this problem start? After a maintenance outage? After the hydraulic filters were replaced?

What have you done to try to resolve the problem?

Have you checked the hydraulic filter canister air-bleed valves to be sure they are closed? Have you checked the hydraulic filter canister drain valves to be sure they are closed? Have you check the hydraulic filter transfer fill valve to be sure it is closed? Have you checked the hydraulic filter transfer valve to be sure it is in the proper condition?

Have you verified the valves on the hydraulic accumulator (if equipped--and most GE-design Frame 6b heavy duty gas turbines have a hydraulic accumulator) are in the proper positions? There are two valves--one is an isolation valve (a "block" valve"), and one is a drain valve (a "bleed" valve). The isolation ("block") valve must be open; and the drain ("bleed") valve must be closed. And, the hydraulic accumulator must be properly charged and the bladder must be intact for proper operation of the accumulator. But, to have proper hydraulic pressure the accumulator valves MUST be in the proper position.

Have you read the pump manufacturer's instructions in the Service Manuals provide with the GE-design Frame 6 heavy duty gas turbine?

Have you tried adjusting the hydraulic pump pressure using the pump's internal pressure compensator adjustment?

Have you read this thread: