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Remote Monitoring of Analog Inputs
Remotely monitoring Analog Inputs (4-20mA) on web browser or mobile.


I need to monitor remotely 5 Analog Inputs (4-20mA) on web browser or mobile. Which module should i use.

Supply 24vdc
4-20mA range 0-360MW


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Acromag's 963EN-4012 module converts multiple 4-20's to Modbus/TCP

Opto22's Groov can get the Modbus/TCP data and shovel it into the Ether.

Thx very much. I will study in detail. But i need more simple solution from this. e.g


By Joelhaggar on 13 May, 2017 - 9:37 am

This is a low cost PLC with a web server:

If you want to add trending, alarming and automatic report emails and a super nice mobile display check out Mango at
to work with any analog IO device or PLC

What type of internet connection do you have or need?

Thx for you reply. But i need more simple solution from this. e.g

This module provides single 4-20mA to be available on internet through their cloud service but several module can be combined. Further my 4-20mA channel is sourcing, i.e The output channel (4-20mA) of PLC displays on local 4-20mA display. Can i use that loop for above device.


By Jeremy Pollard on 15 May, 2017 - 8:42 am

Assuming that you will be connected via Cell Modem and need to keep data bandwidth low, I would use the Acromag as previously suggested (I have used them over Ethernet), and then build a small app in excel to go and get the data using Modbus/TCP.

Easy Peasy but not cheap!

Cheers from: Jeremy Pollard, CET The Caring Canuckian!
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You can use the DAT8017-I it has 8 channels. It has free software and user guides to get it on to the web browser.

By ICP DAS USA on 30 May, 2017 - 12:58 pm

Our G-4513-3GWA has 8 AI which support a 0-20 mA input range. We also have sample programs which will help you to create a custom webpage to access your data using a 3 G cellular network.
For more details, here is a link to our product page:

If we can help with any questions, you can also email us at