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Counters in Controller in MARK Vie system
why are some important counters are stored in controller ucsbh1a?
By Chiranjeevi on 16 May, 2017 - 11:52 am

We have mark vie system in unit for frame 5. why some important counters are stored in controller ucsbh1a?

and why they are required to be stored in controller PROM?


Mark VIe control systems are provided with a lot of new turbines, and the timers and counters are very important for some warranty issues. They don't want people willy-nilly changing the values of timers and counters.

So, the values for most of the timers and counters are stored in non-volatile RAM on the main microprocessor--because not every turbine will always use all the same cards, but every turbine will use a main microprocessor (as will DCS/BOP applications).

And it requires a password to change the values of most timers and counters stored in non-volatile RAM (NOVRAM).

Hope this helps!