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Machine Monitoring System
What does MMS do that a DCS cannot do?

Is it possible not to consider machine monitoring system for large turbo pumps (above 1.5 MW) and directly have signals (vibration transmitter, accelerometer, ...) in DCS? In other words what will we miss if the MMS has been omitted?

A DCS will not usually have I/O with a scan rate fast enough for machine protection or control. Although new DCS's may have fast I/O for that purpose.

Honeywell Experion PKS has some fast I/O, with 50 msec. scan time, for machine control and protection.

It will not be economic if you have a large number of points to monitor for alarms and trips.

good luck

Thank you for your reply, which one is not economic for large number of I/O, MMS?

I think it is not recommended to use DCS as machine monitoring system due to DCS is not standard for this application and delay time that can effect for execution time.