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Pressure Drop Across Coriolis
Allowable pressure drop selection across Coriolis.


I have several queries regarding Coriolis Flow Meter-

1. What should be the allowable pressure drop across a Coriolis Mass Flowmeter? Is there any engineering practice that is followed frequently? Or it is just selected based on the downstream pressure requirement?

2. Are there any criteria for selection of Coriolis other than downstream pressure requirement if different manufacturer provide same Coriolis but with different pressure drop?

Thanks in advance.

You don't need any pressure drop, coreolis effect is independent.
Just go with a meter size that fits your flow range.

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There are multiple Coriolis meter tube shapes: straight, B, D or U shaped, triangular or helix.

Each has its own pressure drop characteristic. Obviously, the triangular tube has a greater pressure drop than the straight tube.

All the meter vendors have sizing software for their meters that calculates the meter's pressure drop for the proposed fluid and flow conditions provided.

Knowing the pressure drop, you then get to determine whether there is adequate system pressure accounting for the meter's pressure drop.

Sometimes increasing the supply pressure is more problematic than being able throttle the flow with a valve or VFD.

The pressure drop is dependent on the process. Different manufacturer or different models have different pressure drop. Depending on the pressure requirement at downstream, the pressure drop allowed across the flow meter can be determined. However, we need to also check on selecting a flowtube which increases the flow velocity. The increased velocity not only increases pressure drop in the flow meter but also increases pressure drop at the downstream. Hence, select meter which is close to line size and when line velocity does not increase drastically. Also, it does not make sense selecting a meter with size lower than line size and then have pressure drop due to reducer & expander.