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Honeywell UV Flame Detector
UV signal required for a Honeywell UV flame detector to recognise a flame.
By Daniel_Beamish on 8 June, 2017 - 11:17 am


Currently, Honeywell UV flame scanners (C7927A 1016) pointed directly at flames in a combustion chamber to detect the flame. The problem with this is keeping the scanner cool to avoid damage.

I am trying to send the UV signal through a fiber optic cable ~3 feet away using UV grade fused silica (quartz) in order to better protect the flame scanner.

The problem is I do not know much about fiber optics, and am having a great deal of trouble trying to determine how much light needs to hit the detector, and how many fibers/what fiber size I need to send an adequate amount of signal.

Also if anyone has a vendor they would recommend for the fused quartz fiber optic cable, I need around 200 feet of it.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Honeywell's Iris line has a commercial solution - fiber optic extension for its (formerly Iris) line of flame detectors.
It expects a steady supply of instrument grade purge/cooling air.

fiber optic cable:

A flame detector, analyzer and adapter compatible with the FO extension cable.

Flame scanners are reliable if properly installed.

If you are monitoring the main flame, you'll likely need an air purge. If it is a dirty/corrosive combustion process, two separate purge connections are not uncommon. The same applies to IR scanners.