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GE MK VI Controller and SOE Time
Alarms time stamp does not follow the HMI time


I am new with Mk VI, but I do have some experience working with MKV. I have some doubts lately on our MK VI machine SOE or alarm recorder in Cimplicity with regards to alarms time stamps. It seems that the alarms time stamp does not follow the HMI time. Can anybody help me figure out the cause of the issue and how do I check or adjust the TMR controllers' time, if necessary?

Thanks for any help you may provide.

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For SOE signals, the time stamps come from the controller, not the HMI. This is done to achieve the 1 millisecond resolution. Note, if you have Mark VIe, the time stamps may be done at the I/O module (I don't remember).

There are means to synchronize the controllers to an HMI, although it may require a master clock to do so. Read the manual (I don't have one).