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SOS Servilink OPC Server 4.10
Communication Issue_ Cimplicity Black Screen_SOS Servilink OPC Server_Woodward Micronet Plus

On the turbine Control where the controller is Micronect Plus communicating through HMI using SOS Servilink OPC Server. On the HMI is installed Proficy HMI Scada- Cimplicity Version 8.00 build 43. It was observed that more less each 4 days the HMI loss the communication with Micronet causing Black Screen (no communication) on the Cimplicity. Looks like the OPC server stops to work may be caused by some bug...

Has someone seen such kind of issue?

Try contacting Woodward support. Call +1970-482-5811, option 7 or send an e-mail to