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IS215UCVEH2A Battery Discharging
Mark VI IS215UCVEH2A battery is discharging


I tried installing 4 different IS215UCVEH2A cards in my R rack and each time I try to ping the IP address through the cmd promt I get an error 'Request Timed Out'. I thought that the problem may be with the compact flash card, but I used 6 different flash cards. I then powered down the rack, took out the UCVE card and measured the battery voltage. 3 cards read 0 and one read 2.7. The fact is these cards had a voltage of 2.9V. My question is if anybody here knows why the battery is draining charge? Has anybody faced a similar situation earlier? The S and T cores are working perfectly.

Let me know your email. i can send you some instructions.


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