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Best Thermocouple manufacturer.

I need some K type Thermocouple for a diesel engine. Earlier i purchased 200 thermocouple from The Sensor Connection, USA. Some of them become damaged within short time. That's why i want to buy another 50 thermocouple from any different company. Can you inform me some best thermocouple manufacturer/supplier in the world?

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If you have purchased so many Thermocouples, I would be inclined to contact the supplier with your concerns as to why they are not lasting.

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I am not familiar with Sensor Connection but they appear to specialize in engine exhaust thermocouples.

The statement "become damaged" doesn't specify whether the damage is sheath, transition, internal, or lead wire damage. You might consider asking Sensor Connection what their explanation is for the damage that has occurred. The damage might be ordinary exposure to service conditions, which no supplier can do anything about. But with their specializing in this field, they're likely to have a reasonable knowledge base to draw on.