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LCI Fault Message
"FCDG Misoperation" fault message on GE LCI control panel when the LCI was down.

We had the LCI fault message "FCGD Misoperation" occur on our GE Innovation Series LCI. This fault message came in twice on 8/7 and cleared both times. Per GEH-6373 it seems that this should have been followed by other fault or alarm messages. There were none.

I opened the cabinets and the boards' LEDs were all functioning properly, I visually inspected the other boards that communicate with the FCGD boards, all seem normal.

Our LCI was down when these faults occurred. Currently we do not need to use the LCI, as both of our units are online.

Has anyone else had similar issues? If so, what was the outcome?

By Paul Palmer on 9 August, 2017 - 8:57 pm

This occurred when the LCI was sitting Idle? Check your power supply voltages of the Lambda behind the DGPC Rack. you may have to put a data logger on there to catch the PS failing. Other weird alarms may start coming in as well.

If a start was attempted, then aborted by the Mark## System, that can cause the same alarm.

You can contact me here if you want:

Yes, our LCI was idle when the alarm occurred.

It only happened twice and has not been an issue since. We do not cycle our units except to do an offline water wash. So the next time we are required to use it could be to restart after a trip and we do not want to have a failed restart after a trip due to the LCI.

There was another user who informed me of TIL 1767 that I was not aware of. It says to check the DC null offsets on the FCGD cards. We are going to do that as well.

I will put a data logger on it and if anything comes from it.