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Bailey HMI Replacement
Have any Bailey experts replaced an Alpha Workstation?

We have a Bailey Infi90 with 4 OpenVMS Alpha Station 255 PC's that run Bailey Symphony. These PCs are old and getting hard to procure parts. I was thinking we could get some newer PCs and clone the existing hard drives. Then I think the issue would be to get drivers or develop drivers for the newer hardware to work with the OpenVMS Operating System.

Has anyone done anything like this or have any suggestions?

Thank you for any advice.

We run the open source project
The Server side could run on OpenVMS.
The Client side will run on modern computers and mobile devices.
The GUI is based on the Qt

By Ikhtiander on 11 August, 2017 - 4:05 am

Hi choosespace,

For your case, I suggest to run your VMS under the virtualization system such as VMWARE ESXi or vsphere, or Virtualbox, so no need to worry regarding hardware.