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Pulse and 4-20ma
I am having trouble with a flow meter and pulse/4-20ma output.

I am using a flow meter with pulse output. But I also have to have an analog transmitter to change the pulse to 4-20ma because I need my controller to recognize the rate and send out an alarm if the flow is too low. (And I don't think pulse will do this, it only counts the total amount)

The problem is these analog transmitters i'm buying from Badger meters cost around $200 apiece. I would be need around 15 and they cost almost as much as the flow meters themselves.

Does anyone have experience with these stuff that can recommend a cheaper option?


Hi Ed.
Laurels have some great transmitters that might work out for you:

Are you using a PLC? Some PLC makers have analog cards that can convert to input from the meter or connect using standard protocols.

I like to use flow meters with a MODBUS or CANOpen options and connect directly to our PLC without converters.

Automation Imagined

Hi Kyle,

What Modbus flow meter do you recommend?