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SMS from PLC for Hearing Impaired Worker
I am looking for a way to send SMS text messages based on PLC I/O states.

I have a hearing impaired worker that I would like to be able to send SMS text messages for alarms, operator requests, process state, etc. I am thinking of using a GSM modem and I see a few out there, but I have no experience with any of them or how this would be set up. I am familiar with PLC coding and I am confident I can set up message "triggers" in the PLC code, but I don't know what the interface would look like to transmit text based on these triggers. Does anyone have a suggestion for hardware/software or experience in this area that can offer advise? I am running a Siemens S7-400 PLC.

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Banner has a wireless gateway controller DXM100 with integral discrete inputs.

They have an app note entitled "Sending a Text Message from a Q45BL" (Q45BL = wireless pushbutton input). A quick scan of the app note indicates that it uses the DXM100 controller with its cellular modem, an active cell phone data plan where the Q45Bl is the trigger/initiator for the text message.

Substitute a wired DI on the DXM100 for the Q45BL and you have a means of sending a text message from a PLC.

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In the USA I send texts by email. There are several links (to info and free open source code for the Raspberry Pi) on this page:

I have more experience with ab plcs, but Siemens should be able to send the same commands. I use digitransport wr21 cellular gateways to send sms messages. I create an Ethernet connection, then the command needed is sendsms 5551231234 "hello world." This can be done over Ethernet or serial.

ICPDAS-USA has a SMS Alarm controller that may work well for your application.

It is the SMS-530.