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Level Measurement for Slurry with Mixed Acid Plus Fumes
Looking for a way to measure the fevel for Slurry with mixed acid + fumes

I need to measure level of vertical tank of 4mtr with bottom cone comprising of slurry with mixed acid' Nitric acid & Sulfuric acid which is being agitated that also causes fume generation. We have used contact less radar type transmitter, but due to fumes there is a jelly formation on the sensor and thus doesn't work as intended.

Also, due to changing density i cannot use DP type transmitter.

It seems to me Nucleonic will be the best choice for this application.

Sp. grav variations don't rule out d/p measurements necessarily.

Two d/p measurements are required on for gravity, the second for level, with the s.g. correction in your dcs.

You can direct connect to the process with chem seals or use bubblers with compatible gas.

You want something that works and easy for your crews to trouble-shoot, a practical solution.

Guided wave Radar is best option.

The laser level transmitter is an other good option for this application. A example of products ...


Take a look at transmitters from Vega.