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Motor Selection Help
Working on a project and need help on finding a motor suitable for it.

So I am terrible when it comes to waking up and it's affecting my college grades. While wondering how to fix this problem I had an idea about a week ago to try and remedy this - a set of sheets that have "drawstrings" in the sides that will pull back when my smart-plug turns on at the time my alarm would go off. The smart-plug has two motors plugged in; each motor is attached to one string. The problem is that I have no knowledge of motors and what's good for what type of project. If someone with knowledge in this area would like to help me that would be wonderful!


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You would need a substantial amount of current to supply two motors with enough horsepower to pull blankets off, I don't think your smart plug could supply that.

The other challenges are numerous such as limit switches, overload protection and programing. If you have the skills to design a control circuit with PLC, it would make the job easier. You sure that is something you want to pursue?


I would use a "gearhead" motor for an experiment like you describe. You may want something with adequate power, but not enough to be dangerous...

For example: