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A Different Counter Question
Editing of MarkV counters

I have a need to add "Peak Fire selected" Counter. I am a little shaky on how to proceed.

Here is the first few lines of our TOTD_Q.SRC:

;---- ------------ ----------------------------------------------
1 L30CMIS ; ACCUM_01 Manually Initiated
Starts Counter
1 L30CTS ; ACCUM_02 Total Starts Counter
1 L30CFLS ; ACCUM_03 Fast Load Starts Counter
(Not Used)
1 L30CFS ; ACCUM_04 Fired Starts Counter
1 L30CES ; ACCUM_05 Emergency Trips Counter

Accumulator 03 is a counter for Fast Load Starts, an option which is not enabled on our machine. I have checked and the counter MSW + LSW result is ZERO.

Can I just edit TOTD_Q.SRC and replace L30CFLS with L83P?

What steps are necessary to get this into the MarkV?

So that the existing counts are not ruined, should I:

1. upload TOTD (from what core)?
A. What files will I get?
B. Which of these should be saved somewhere else, just in case?

2. Compile (markvmake) using newly edited .SRC file?

3. Download TOTD (to what cores)?

I could use some moral support and shared expertise here.


>I could use some moral support and shared expertise here.

Hmmm.... TOTT_Q.SRC is the file you want to edit (REGARDLESS of what it says in the comments at the top of the file; yet another example of consistent inconsistency). Suggest saving a back-up first (say, as TOTT_Q.ORI). You could just replace as you suggested, and change the comment to make it appropriate (the bit after the semicolon on the row after you make the change; it's not necessary, but it's nice for the next person!).

You should upload TOTD ( is the timers & cocunters data (values) file) from <R> (the Totalizer Data files should all be the same, but since <R> is usually the Designated Voter under normal circumstances it's the best processor to upload from). You can upload to a generic file (if given the option), which would be TOTD_Q.DAT or TOTD_Q.AP1, depending on whether or not the operator is an <I> or a GE Mark V HMI, respectively. I would also make a back-up first (say, TOTD_Q.ORI). (NOTE: If you upload to a processor-specific file, then any time TOTD is downloaded the processor-specific file will be downloaded--which can REALLY cause problems in the future. This applies for ALL Intel hex format files downloaded using the EEPROM Downloader, not just the Totalizer Data file--and can cause LOTS of problems for any EEPROM partition which has a processor-specific Intel hex format file.)

You DO NOT need to run MK5MAKE.BAT; you only need to run the Table Compiler:

     TABLE_C TOTT to simply compile the Totalizer Table file

(The result will be TOTT_Q.DAT or TOTD_Q.AP1, again depending on if the operator interface is an <I> or a GE Mark V HMI.)

Then you need to download only the TOTT partition to <T>, then <S>, then <R>. Then you need to reboot the processors, one at a time, waiting a full two minutes after each processor returns to A7 before re-booting the next processor.

There is a potential problem here, if the existing accumulator already has a non-zero number in it.... However, there's no way to solve that without a new TOTD_Q.DAT or .AP1 file from GE or one of its packagers.

Hope this helps.

The next problem is changing the display file to read 'Peak Fire Selected.' But, that's yet a(nother) Different Counter Question, and the answer depends on the type of operator interface. Isn't this fun?

Thank you for the discussion of the technical procedures for Counter/timer set-up.

I completely typo'd the filename that needs to be edited.

Here are my thoughts. Please tell me if these steps will cause any loss of existing counter / timer / accumulator values.

1. Save existing counter related files in case something goes
a. Copy the existing files to a folder in the unit directory (Old
counter files).

2. Edit TOTT_Q.SRC
a. Change: 1 L30CFLS ; ACCUM_03 Fast Load
Starts Counter (Not Used)
To: 1 L30PS ; ACCUM_03 Peak Selected
NOTE: L30PS is a new signal created for this purpose
3. Upload TOTD from MarkV <R> core
a. eeprom up t1 r TOTD

4. Compile

5. Download to all 3 cores
a. eeprom down t1 r tott
b. eeprom down t1 s tott
c. eeprom down t1 t tott

6.Reboot each core 1 at a time with 2 minute delay after reaching A7.

1. Is step 3 the correct string to upload TOTD?

2. I am assuming I should upload it so it will be modified when TOT is compiled? Is this necessary?

3. Should TOTD be downloaded as well?

4. Will any of this cause a loss of existing counter or timer data?