Steve Kuehn

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Steve Kuehn is the Editor-in-Chief of Control Automation. As a journalist and technical analyst, Steve has decades of experience helping engineers and industry leaders better understand the utility and value of the technologies they create and apply every day. Equipped with a BS in magazine journalism from Ohio University and a passion for writing, Steve started his career journey as an assistant editor for Fleet Equipment and Equipment Management magazines, covering the technology, systems, and the operation and maintenance of commercial vehicles. Following that came a series of communicator roles with companies like Pfizer, Siemens and Rockwell, and lead editorial roles with prominent engineering trade publications including Power Engineering, Electric Light and Power, Control, Control Design, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and Pharma’s Almanac. Steve’s spent much of his diverse career writing about the most dynamic engineering, technology and industrial sectors driving the global economy today. From vaccine manufacturing to nuclear energy, there are few topics he’s not covered professionally. That insight has been tempered over the years managing product marketing and media relations for two of the largest, most prominent engineering companies in the world. Now living in South Florida, Steve enjoys visits from his three grown kids and pursuing the fruits of his labor. A life-long cyclist, you are likely to find Steve in the saddle of his Italian racing bike. Otherwise, you might find him casting a line, stroking a putt, or playing his guitar. Beyond faith and family, cooking, military history, singing Cake songs and driving fast cars are also on his list of favorite things.