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Carl Stahl Sava Industries

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Carl Stahl Sava Industries has been manufacturing motion cables, mechanical cable assemblies for surgical robotics, medical devices, industrial robots, aerospace and defense, and a host of other industrial markets. Sava produces mechanical cable fittings and pulleys for a wide, diverse range of applications, and offers a complete machine department to manufacturer virtually any customer cable components to satisfy any engineering requirement.


Years In Business: 50
Number of Employees: N/A
Geographical sales distribution: Global
Sales Channel: N/A


4 North Corporate Drive. Riverdale, NJ 07457
Phone: 973-358-7416
Fax: N/A

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Carl Stahl Sava Industries is among the world’s most trusted manufacturers of small, miniature and ultrafine mechanical cable made from tungsten, stainless steel, nitinol, galvanized steel, Vitallium®, Inconel®, titanium, molybdenum, and offers a host of Dacron® cord solutions. Sava produces mechanical cable and custom mechanical cable assemblies for surgical robotics, medical devices and instruments, industrial robotics, exoskeletons and wearables, aerospace and defense, along with a host of industrial markets.


Sava is ISO 9001:2015 certified and operates from its 100,000 sq ft manufacturing and production headquarters in Riverdale, New Jersey. Sava serves global customers from the largest, multi-national organizations, to new, burgeoning startups in new, growing markets, and every business size between.