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Wavelength Electronics

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Wavelength Electronics teams with researchers and original equipment manufacturers that use laser diodes, quantum cascade lasers, or thermoelectrics in high performance applications.


Years In Business: 25+
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51 Evergreen Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715, US
Phone: (406) 587-4910
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Who Is Wavelength?

Wavelength Electronics, based out of Bozeman, Montana, was founded in 1993 by people who weren’t satisfied with the laser diode control status quo. We wanted to do things better by simplifying advanced laser diode and thermal control for high-tech OEMs and researchers. The high-performance products needed to be matched with phenomenal customer service and responsive manufacturing to truly make our customers’ lives easier. We started Wavelength Electronics with that philosophy at the core. It still factors into every decision that we make.

“You are setting the customer service bar very high, and I only wish our other vendors could follow your lead.”


At Wavelength Electronics, our precision laser diode drivers, low-noise quantum cascade laser drivers, and ultra-stable temperature controllers are used across multiple industries where precision and stability are crucial to project success. Our products can be found in universities, national labs, medical equipment, pharmaceutical processing equipment, and remote detection systems, to name a few.

Stability, repeatability, low-noise operation, and safety are at the core of each product that Wavelength designs. Our products range in scale from components that can fit on the tip of your finger to benchtop instruments with touchscreen control. Whether you need to design a portable, handheld system, or a rugged instrument with remote computer control, Wavelength has the controllers for you.

Our high-performance products are all tested to the specifications that we advertise. We guarantee that they will operate at or above these levels. What does this mean for you? This means that you can speed up your prototyping with the best performance the laws of physics will allow, and get to market or finish your research faster. It also means no field failures, freeing you to focus on the project at hand without worrying about the reliability of your electronics.