Christian Castel Senior Marketing Manager – Secure Connected Edge BL Industrial Automation Segment Lead Christian Castel is a Senior Marketing Manager and Industrial Automation Segment lead for the Secure Connected Edge Business Line at NXP Semiconductors.

Leveraging Time Sensitive Networks for Distributed Intelligence on the Factory Floor

In partnership with NXP Semiconductors

Smart factories rely on efficient networking to drive the manufacturing process efficiently. Evolution toward the industrial IoT, or industry 4.0, requires more than real-time data exchange. It requires collecting and sharing a massive amount of information from edge to cloud to execute a process but also optimize it and anticipate possible outcomes. Time-Sensitive Networks and a new generation of industrial protocols are meant to meet the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution and support the deployment of a new generation of intelligent systems based on distribution rather than concentration.

In this webinar, NXP will walk through Industrial Networking challenges facing industry 4.0 implementation and the Time-Sensitive Networks answer for distributed intelligence.

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