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    Soft Starter Output Voltage

    I have noted on 2 Nos. soft starters (1 No. Danfoss compact soft starter 30 kW and 1 No. Solcon 132 kW) that there is output voltage 400V when there is no start signal order. However, the motor does not start. Only when the start order is active, the motor start. In the Solcon Manual, i noted...
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    Intouch 2014 - PLC TSX Premium Communication

    Hi Everyone I have upgraded Intouch 7.11 to Intouch 2014 R2 on a new HMI loaded with Windows 7 Pro Sp1. I have installed the Intouch Runtime and Development; Installed Licenses; Install DAServer, Do DBLoad. The DAServer has been configured, including PLC IP Address. The problem is that there...