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    Intouch 2017 X vs Y graph

    Hi , In wonderware Intouch we can draw trend with respect to time.(pressure vs time, flow vs time). If I want to draw X vs Y( like pressure vs flow) trend then how is it possible ?? how can we draw x vs y curve in intouch ?
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    Communication between Wonderware Intouch with Codesys OPC server

    Dear all, I want to communicate wonderware intouch (System platfrom 2017) with codesys OPC server. Please help me in details how to communicate IO with abb plc and intouch scada trough Codesys OPC server. Thanks in advance.
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    Communication between ABB PLC and Wonderware Intouch

    I want to communicate ABB PM 554 PLC(software used automation builder v 2.2 for programming) with wonderware Intouch ( v10.1). how can I communicate abb plc with intouch scada? how to define IO tag? what protocol I have to use? Can any one tell me in details? thanks in advance.