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    Unity Programming for EHC105 Counter

    My clients system is Schneider M580 Control Expert (Unity)V14. This is a large distributed remote IO system. Currently our scan time is 5 mSec. We have installed and configured several pulse count inputs using Quantum ECH 105 modules. The control/reset/reading is all via software. We are not...
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    Unity Pro Loop Drawings

    Looking for actual experience references for a software that will printout module wiring drawings with reference tag name and reference address from a Unity Pro XML database. If you have experiences with doing this, please let me know what software you used and its ease of use. Thanks
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    Schneider Electric Software and Windows 10

    New PCs all come with Windows 10 OS installed. I am looking for success stories where people are running Unity Pro V10 and/or Vijeo Designer V6.1 on Windows 10 PCs. Thanks
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    Log and Display Historical Trend on a PC

    My customer wishes to log some data values from a PLC via MODBUS TCP. The data is only valid when the associated valve is open. Logging data every one (1) second. The valve is open between 5 and 30 seconds at intermittent times. The times between data logging can be several hours. Data logging...
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    HMI on Genius I/O LAN

    I am investigating a situation where a user wants to connect a Magelis HMI directly to some Genius I/O blocks.. I am beginning to think that this is not possible without a gateway device. Looking for anybody who has done this with Magelis or Proface devices.