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    Offset of 16.7 Deg C or 30Deg F in TTRXB

    Dear Sir In my PG 5371PA, Mark VIe, a offset in TTRXB is given by 30Deg F, or 16.7DegC. that is (536.7)TTRXB= TTRX+30F. During an increase in load (Isochronous Speed control, as it is an isolated system), if load increases to 18 MW, TTRXB comes down to 530 Deg C, from 536.7 DegC. IGV opening is...
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    GTG, Frame 5 Machine Mode Change Over Itself from ISO to Droop

    Dear Sir, My GTG, Frame 5 Mark 6e controlled, PG 5371PA was running normal at 17 MW, in ISOCHRONOUS MODE. Due to some electrical fault the load came down to 2 MW, and RPM hike from 5100 to 5217. Next we observed that ISO mode change over to Droop of itself. My question is that what should...