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    Modicon TSX Momentum 170ISP00100 Weighing Module

    Hi. I need to check the configuration of a Modicon 170ISP00100 Weighing Module. This hardware has been discontinued a few years ago. Does anybody have the configuration/runtime software for this module (P/N 373SPUISP01)? Any help would be appreciated
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    Momentum Weighing ISP Configuration Software

    Hi. I need to troubleshoot a Modicon Momentum Weighing Module model 170ISP00100. These modules have been discontinued by Modicon. Does anybody have the Momentum Configuration/Runtime software for these ISP modules. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Simatic S5-155U BASPA Low Voltage Signal

    Hi everyone, I am encountering some problems with a Simatic S5 system comprised by CPU 946/947, CP525, CP 527 and analog/Digital I/O cards. The BASPA low voltage signal is output randomly causing the CPU to momentarily suspend RUN Mode (RUN Led goes Off and BASP Led goes On) and then go back...