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    Unable to Place ABB Bailey BRC410 in Excute Mode

    Hi, We have redundant system ABB Bailey BRC410 in our DCS. Last time when we do online configuration to download some rungs, suddenly the backup module error and the download process is not stopping but continue looping until for about 30 minutes. I have no choice so I cancel the download...
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    GE Mark V TMR to Simplex

    Dear all, We have Mark V TMR system in our site and we want to make it become simplex system. Any experiences about changing TMR to Simplex? Thanks
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    Upgrading Rslogix 5 to Newer Windows

    Dear All, We use AB PLC5 with Rs logix 5 for programming & Rsview 32 for display. The HMI is using windows 2000. Now we have difficulties in finding spare for computer. The computer still use Hardisk IDE and power supply AT. Are there any method to convert the HMI included Rslogix 5 & rsview...