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    Mark V Run hours

    Hello Team, How can I get the gas turbine run hours directly from the Mark V control system?. The HMI PC and Cimplicity software was changed so the values on the counter page are wrong. It's a Mark V TMR control system.
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    GCV LVDT drifting

    I am troubleshooting the GCV position alarm on a GE Frame 5 with a Valmet DNA control system(relatively new turbine control in power generation space). The challenge is that after calibrating the 96GC2, the feedback continues to drift until the alarm annunciates again. I have changes the Servo...
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    Mark VI VCRC Diagnostic Alarm

    Troubleshooting a GE Mark VI- TMR system. The Diagnostic alarm is present on SLOT 8 VCRC. I have attached a screenshot of the alarms present. Searched the site and seems the issue was talked about . I've confirmed 110 Vdc (¬...