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    ABB Advant Stations (Unix), Real Time accelerators (RTA), master KB and trackballs

    Cypress Technology, Inc. is a vendor specializing in selling, buying, and supporting older / obsolete ABB Advant hardware. We offer: ABB Advant Stations / AdvaCommand 500 series (Unix) ABB Real Time Accelerator boards - RTA - PU512, PU513, PU515, PU516, PU518, PU519 ABB keyboards, mice, &...
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    <Plug / Intro> Older ABB and HP Unix IMS Automation Process Hardware

    Cypress Technology, Inc. is a hardware vendor specializing in selling and supporting older / obsolete ABB and Hewlett-Packard hardware. We specialize in on the Unix / HP-UX platforms. We offer replacement parts and systems from the early 1990's to the current date. ABB MOD 300 / 800xA system...
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    ABB PU512 & PU513 EISA based RTA cards for Advant 500 series stations

    Is there any documentation out there that has the specifications for these two older RTA cards? 3BSE004737R1 PU513v1 Real Time Accel 3BUR001401R1 PU512v2 Real Time Accel Thanks Jesse Cypress Tech