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    Siemens Fieldbus Positioner

    Dear Colleagues, I need to upgrade the firmware of a Siemens Fieldbus positioner (SIPART PS2 FF). I want to know what hardware and software I need to do that. Any hint or guide is welcomed.
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    Honeywell Experion PKS Training

    I am looking for remote Honeywell's Experion PKS training. Any hint? Moreover, is there any minimum system hardware available for Experion PKS by which I can learn by experiment without manipulating a real control system of the plant?
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    Virus infection via Modbus

    HI, This question may seems naive but sometimes we have to look back to detect vulnerable points in the control system for virus threats! Consider a control system which is connected to various package PLCs with individual Modbus links all using RS-485 physical layer and just transferring...
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    Multi-process Value in CS3000

    Hi, For Fieldbus instruments which have multiple measurements possible (e.g. mass flowmeters which can also give density) we can easily have all these measurements when designing HMI in Yokogawa's CS3000 environment. Is it possible to access these multiple measurements in CS3000 when the...
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    Problem with Siemens Fieldbus positioners

    We are facing with some serious problem using our newly purchased Fieldbus Siemens positioners SIPART PS2 FF (N1-A413-7519177; **SIPART PS2 FF**, revision name:2.0 ; DEV_REV: 0X02; DD_REV: 0X01) in our control system which is Yokogawa's CS3000 R.3.08.50. We assign the positioners to the...