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    woodward 2301

    We have a gas turbine generator. Use Woodward 2301 load sharing and speed control (8271-394) to control the loader valve. How to connect plc to Woodward 2301 to control t5 temperature
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    Turbomach centaur 60

    Hello. I am working on a gas turbine maintenance type turbomach centaur 60. It turns out that the PLC program has been lost. Can someone help me?
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    Gas Generator Mars 100 Flameout

    Hey, we have solar turbine Gas Generator mars 100 produced 2013 The Problem Flameout high fuel flow the PID Control of the gas valve late to reach the desired point when the full load is lost but with a gradual pregnancy loss, the problem does not occur please help.
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    ControlNet A and ControlNet B Status are Both steady off Caused by Reset or no power How to fix reset My email : [email protected]
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    1407-CGCM-DLR how to achive synchronization.

    if the generator ( mars 100) nominal voltage is 6.6V and the nominal Bus A voltage is 66kV. Composition: generator(6.6kv) _ Transformer (66kv) 1407-CGCM-DLR how to achive synchronization.