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    Soft Seating in Triple Offset butterfly valve

    Hi, Can anyone please confirm is it possible to have soft seat , Class VI leakage class in triple offset butterfly valve ?
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    Ball valve vs Globe valve for On-Off application

    Hi, Can anyone confirm which one is better option for shutdown applications i.e globe valve or ball valve? As per my understanding , ball valve act fast as well as economical as compared to globe. Is leakage across ball valve is more than globe valve?
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    Thermocouple sheath OD

    Hi, Thermocouple sheath OD is generally kept at 6mm. What will be the impact on response and accuracy of T/C if sheath thickness is decreased? Also, what will be the consequences if T/C element thickness is decreased?
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    Balanced type trim selection criteria

    Hi, What is the selection criteria for balanced type trim in control valves? As per my understanding, balanced type trim reduces actuator thrust requirement.
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    DPT with Diaphragm seals

    Hi, What should be the maximum allowable capillary length for diaphragm seal to be used with DP transmitter? How much accuracy and response time will vary if we go beyond allowable capillary length?
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    Primary Flow Element Accuracies

    Hi, I have a doubt related to accuracy of flow orifice , flow nozzle and venturimeter. As per my understanding, these all are restrictive devices, so pressure drops across orifice , flow nozzle and venturi are considered as 0.1 bar, b/w 0.05 and 0.1 bar , 0.05 bar respectively. How the accuracy...
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    Vortex Flowmeter

    Hi, Can anyone please elaborate why vortex flow meter is limited upto 450 deg C of process fluid? Also, what min fluid velocity is required for vortex to work?
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    Restriction Orifice

    I have a query related to restriction orifice. Since, restriction orifice is not bevelled at downstream of it.So, does it work in both directions i.e bidirectional. For eg if we are using RO for preventing reverse flow. If downstream pressure exceeds because of back flow, will it kill that extra...