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    Hardware to bacnet/Ip - Home Automation

    Hii, I have a question regarding the AC unit interface with home automation. I have in the AC unit 5 cables for the control as follow : - On/Off. - Fan High. - Fan Med. - Fan Low. - Cooling. I want to control these options via Bacnet/IP but I have only a hardware connection, so can you please...
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    Communication CABLE

    What type of wire we should use in BACnet/IP
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    Re-mape Midea Gateway Bacnet IP

    I'm seeking your help regarding the remapping of object instance; I am using a Gateway Bacnet IP in order to integrate the VRF system with SCADA system, the main issue is the instance coming with duplication from the factory, so I am looking for some Bacnet ip software too re-mape the instance...