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    Mark VI UCVE dead?

    Hi, everyone, We are having a very odd problem with our Mark VI PLC, where all tests we did are pointing to the core R UCVE failure. May you please see our tests descriptions and give your opinion about the diagnostics? First impressions: the gas turbine (F6B, Mark VI PLC) was stopped for...
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    Mark VIe integration with DCS HMI

    Hi, everyone. We currently have a Mark VI PLC for one of our turbo generator control and protection (frame 6B) which uses a Cimplicity HMI (supervisory) for the monitoring and operation. However, this is the only Cimplicity supervisory of our entire site, which means we need to have a...
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    Mark VI Redundancy Test

    Hi everyone. At our plant we have two frame 6B GE turbines which is controlled/protected by a Mark VI. The architecture is pretty standard, supplied by GE, and consists of three Racks (R, S and T) which performs 2oo3 voting to increase availability without letting go of safety. After...
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    FSRN Speed Control When Generator Breaker Is Opened

    [Mark VI - Gas turbine] When the turbine is running with generator breaker opened, which control is responsible for integral action? I mean, if FSRN is proportional only control, how the governor is able to get zero speed error? (isochronous control is not enabled). We had a situation here...