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    Configuring S7-1200 IO-Link Master Module (SM1278) to TIA Portal V16

    Hi all, I am having issues connecting an IO-Link Instrument to TIA Portal via IO-Link Master Module (SM1278). I have downloaded the IODD file for the instrument and i have it on the S7 PCT software, I cant upload any parameters to the PLC. Does anybody have experience working with the SM1278...
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    Resources for Literature Review - Studying BSc. in Process Instrumentation & Automation

    Hi All, Currently studying final year BSc. Process Instrumentation & Automation. Doing a Literature Review at the moment and I am looking for some Online resources/Websites for the following topics: Flow Measurement - Flow Switches/Electromagnetic Flowmeters/Coriolis Flowmeters Level...
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    Danfoss FC302 - "Fieldbus Fault W34" Appearing after Install of new FC302.

    Hi All, Installed a brand new Danfoss FC302 which was a replacement for a failed FC300 drive. Copied all parameters from the FC300 to the LCP (Danfoss Drive HMI) and uploaded all parameters to the new FC302 drive. When this was complete and the new replacement FC302 was parameterized, "Fieldbus...