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    Smarter temperature controller?

    I have a machine that has a PLC temperature controller that tries to maintain a constant high temperature. The controller can only heat (not cool). Heat is being lost at a faster rate when the machine is running, compared to when stopped. So the first minute or so of startup will have a...
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    Do inductive motor fields damage laptop's SSD (vs HDD)?

    I am thinking of upgrading my work laptop's C: from HDD to SSD, since it takes like 5 minutes to bootup to a useable state in windows10. (The slow-down is likely due to having lots of various control/automation-related software installed.) My concern is whether the SSD is more susceptible to...
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    Ladder Logic Help with Bit Shift Left

    I had an idea that I thought would be easy to add into existing ladder logic, but I am finding it very hard. Maybe someone who enjoys a challenge can help. I have a conveyor that holds 3 items between 2 stations. Station1 produces the item, and places it onto the conveyor. Station1 also notes...
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    Ethics/Rules When it Comes to Cycling Power to Safety Modules?

    This topic can probably be applied to any Safety Module in general, so I'll keep my descriptions generic. In my case, I have a muting module by Banner. My question is related to when the safety module has an error/fault that can only be reset by cycling power to the safety module. It is...
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    Problems with Phase to Phase Heating Elements

    I have a machine that only has 3-phase 220Vac (and plant's 3-phase 480Vac). There are 2 heating elements. Element1 is powered by Phase1 and Phase2 (220Vac phase to phase). Element2 is powered by Phase2 and Phase3. Each element draws 22 amps when powered (using PID temperature control). The fact...
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    Lossy NC Contact Blocks on Pushbuttons

    My plant has a lot of 20yo machines from Germany, which use pushbuttons by Schneider Electric. Everything mostly runs fine, but I'm noticing that none of the NC contact blocks are 0 ohms across the 2 pins. I'm getting between 500-3k ohms across just the button's contact block. Should I be...