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    Service Release 1 (SR1) Concept 2.6 XL English

    Hello, Any one have the Service Release 1 (SR1) for Concept 2.6 XL English. I need the SR1 urgently, I have the basis software and SR7 but for an old application I need SR1 files. <b>Moderator's Note:</b> does not usually post requests for software since it can promote illegal...
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    Number of Pulses for 1 MWh in Iskraemeco Energy Meters

    Hi, There are numbers of Iskraemeco MT830 energy meters in the substation, these energy meters sending MWh and MVarh as Pulses to the controller (Siemens Sicam PAS). I need to know how many pulses for 1 MWh (or KWh) the energy meters send in order to convert the pulses to energy values and...
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    Uploading from Modicon 140CPU43412 to PC

    Hi, Is there any way to upload (pull) the project file from 140CPU43412 Modicon PLC to my Laptop using Concept 2.6 software without having archive copy for the project. Knowing that we don't have archive copy for the project and we need to do some modification on the project. The project is...
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    How to connect Magelis XBTGT6330 to Modbus Plus Network

    I want to connect a Magelis XBTGT6330 to a Modbus Plus network. The network is connected to Quantum PLC (140CPU11303) and there are 12 Magelis XBTG220 and 12 CRA21110 DIO are connected to this Modbus Plus network. So do I need extra hardware (accessories like modules or adapters) to connect...