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    What is the full form of VCMI

    I want to know the abbreviation of VCMI, and why "we use it in power plant" if possible
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    How much bit can a Mark VI controller's processor can process at one clock cycle

    Hallo everyone ! We often used to say "my computer has a 32 bit processor" or "my computer has a 64 bit processor". Now I want to know how many bit does a processor has, which is used in a Mark VI control system ?? for your information, our system may use IS420UCSBH1-quad core, 1.2 Hz AMD...
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    How to store live data to a PC from Modbus master computer

    Hello everyone! I work at an electrical power plant. I am new to the Modbus communication system. For job purposes, I need to find a way to store live data/ raw data from a Modbus master computer to another separate computer so that I can do some analysis on those data. But I am not getting any...